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Board Gaming in the ATX

Austin Board Gaming Meet-Up
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Any kind of non-video gaming is ok here...Let's get together and play some games.
My girlfriend and I totally dig on the board games and the board game night gatherings, but we don't always see eye to eye on what games to play. We want to meet up with more game enthusiasts in Austin who like anything from traditional card games, to classic board games to TV enhanced board games, to strategy card games to all these new weird board games I keep seeing at the comic store.

The idea is to be with other adults in a setting where we can relax and be ourselves and maybe even have a few drinks while playing and some appetizers. The idea is to find really good locations to meet up, preferably private residences so we can all bring our own alcohol and snacks.

If any of this interests you at all, please join our community. Please feel free in addition to game night announcements, requests or good locations, to post reviews of games, pictures of gaming related events, etc.

This community is intended for Austin area residents only. Thanks!